Our anklets are made using diamond cut aluminum tubing and brilliant Czech crystals.  They do not rust or tarnish -- you can swim in them, bathe in them, wear them all the time.  The cording we use is extremely strong, making our anklets very durable and easy to put on and off. 


Please measure your ankle before ordering.  Our anklets are made in 1/2" increments starting at 6 1/2", 7" and 7 1/2" for small children, and 8" to 11 1/2" for adults.  For best results, we recommend measuring around the smallest part of the ankle (normally just above the ankle bone), then order your anklet 1/4"  to 1/2" larger than that measurement.  Stacking is when you add a second ankle bracelet 1/2" larger that will rest just below the top one.  If you choose an ankle bracelet 1/2" larger in size, it will naturally rest just below the other giving you a stacked effect. As an example, if your ankle is 8", order a 9" in your favorite color and a 9 1/2" anklet to get the stacking effect. 


We have lowered the price of our anklets so now everyone saves 20%.  Anklets are 2 for $12.  Additional anklets are $6 each.  Tax is 7%.  Shipping is $2.50 up to 10 anklets.

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